Train with Me

Dynamo Doula Training - Live or Online

This is not just a soul fire, super charged, full spectrum Doula training – it is gatekeeping the divinity expressed in each and every single of you, through the shadows to the light, through the fight to the life, through to fear to the fruit, in a way that is unequivocally supportive, whole-hearted and free of agenda that traditional parameters or timelines placed on people, in the sport of ‘productivity’. My Dynamo Doula Training is a globally recognised program that was previously focused on birth and postpartum, but recently graduated to birth, sex, death and everything in between. I have put everything I am and have into this.

Radical Resurgence - The Bali Retreat

This is a 6-day retreat that can only be described as a ruthlessly orchestrated rebirth at the hands of a midwife literate in the language of Phoenix. Bali February 2020. Come to find your voice and reinvent what self-reverence means to you. Reclaim your laugh, anger, joy, grief, magic, and movement – Radical Resurgence is coming home to the version of you that is currently drifting in the cosmos, begging to be brought back into the intergalactic highway of your soul. Modelled after the multi-step program I created to help bring the light back to the dead womxn’s eyes, after writing ‘The Masks We Wear‘.

Visibility for Visionaries - Live or Online

Want to change the world but have big blocks around being seen on the internet?

Let me teach you how to conquer today’s digital landscape like a total boss, amplify your personal branding and presence, as well as find the courage & conviction to share your mission.

Visibility for Visionaries is a course that I created to inspire even the most stubborn, overwhelmed and confused social media users how to slay the online arena in order to get their message and magic to the people who matter to them.

Choose between the online version or attending live in a city near you.