Coming Undone with the Licks of a Dragons Tongue: Erotic Poetry to seduce the fire in your belly

Pre-orders open now. This digital book of poetry becomes available beginning of June. Be the first to be fucked by the contents of these pages by registering for updates below AND securing your copy before anyone else takes the first plunge

My first written works of poetry, ‘Coming Undone With The Licks Of A Dragon’s Tongue.’ comes available for purchase as a digital bundle that includes the downloadable book PLUS ASMR audio recording of me speaking every last drop of erotica – to you, as if no one else in the world exists but us.

If you have ever been turned on by my verbiage, or the ways I convey the emotional landscape of my pussy or have been monumentally moved by the heady smoke of my message…you are going to regret not buying this word porn.

I want you dancing with grief.

I want my eulogy making love to your mouth.

I want your fire keeping me warm at my funeral.

I want the wicked ways the world took my youth

made a fool of by the way your grin bears its teeth,

by the way you smile relentlessly through every possible adversity.

I want you honouring my honey – the nectar that comes only for you,

by lapping up the aura of every exchange we had,

could have had,

should have had.

I want the ghost of me

dripping wet,

panting for the party that was life with you.