Body Politics – Radical Self-Love As The Enemy

As the brilliant Silvia Federici expands on in her book, 'Caliban & The Witch', the exploitation of women has played a central function in the process of capitalist accumalation, insofaras women have been the producers and reproducers of the most essential...

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My Life In Stories Vol 4

We danced in the dark. I watched you move from every owl like periphery. I found ways to look at you that would impress my optometrist.  Several times I saw other women losing themselves in the music but stealing a gaze in your direction. I’ve never been as impressed...

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My Life In Stories Vol 3

I couldn’t sleep all of a wink on the airplane or in the uber back to my house. Every time I am en route to my children after days away, a part of me longs endlessly for them, in the way that the excitement of Christmas Eve paralysed me with just the right amount of...

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Sisterhood & Sunflowers

You’re digging holes in your heart and tearing your soul to shreds and sucking the dreams out of your eyeballs, with vacuums you made out of old knives. And you’re asking everyone else and everything else but YOURSELF, to bridge those gaps and stuff the pits of your...

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My Life In Stories Vol 2

Ruby made a big stink about sleeping in my bed last night. It’s hard when they both sleep in there because I end up falling off the bed and was desperate for sleep. My eyeballs were burning. But she insisted, and out of impatience and a looming sensation to hit the...

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My Life In Stories Vol 1

When I was 16 years old, my friend Jessica was murdered.  She was 14 and was the cousin of my childhood best friend, Mel. Her family were kind people and always welcomed me into their home. We used to spend time giggling and finding boys to kiss, spending time on the...

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