My story of sexual liberation is layered. And it is one I will share on purpose. I have had a few people ask if I am worried those in my social and professional circles would see this body of work and me in my unadulterated form. And my answer is…I sure as hell hope they do.

I would be nothing without the charge I feel from my sexual power, and the completeness of my identity would not be possible if I did not honour every part of me – including the ones you will come to know intimately here. See, I was not born from vanilla or nuclear constructs of bloom, death or cum – it came from frustration I accrued from unspent sexual energy, unsung songs, and the echo of being so close I could taste it, after forever falling inches short from the prize.



Sexuality and sensuality are the song of the soul. The squashing of these vital parts come at a cost – the loss of our voice, the compromise on our self-worth & confidence, and the dwindling of intimacy in every aspect of our lives. If I am to help women & womxn come home to themselves – I must include the entirety of the solution in the full picture of my work, my findings and my passion.

Welcome to the conscious erotica portion of my brain, heart and womb – spine tingling, uncensored and exhumed in the honour of my inner child who killed off every part of her prowess to stay alive.

Over the next little while, you will see a variety of physical products hitting the landing space of ‘Coming Undone‘, the conscious erotica portion of my business. I have aspiration towards creating a feminist fronted, ethical, profitable in the favour of women & womxn membership website, that funds activism in the sex work industry, all the while enabling these professionals a safe space to showcase their work & be represented with the right intentions. I have designed oracle decks and a plethora of toys, will have a slew of sexual health insight in the form of a series for children and adults, masterclasses from industry innovators, both non-fiction books & poetry books, branded merchandise and so much more.


The exquisite imagery you see here is courtesy of James Looker at The Vortex Project.

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