From here, it was a steep hill into self-discovery, what that felt like a mountain I would never trek or survive. But each time, something deep inside pulled me forwards with desires to see no stone unturned. I didn’t choose Doula work, it chose me. In many ways, I have always been a Doula – I have danced at every spectrum of the human experience and been eager to explore every aspect of bleed, sex, birth and death. Doula work simply gave me an opportunity to title my already existing passions and lean into a world where I had a fighting chance at living the breadth of my purpose.

In 2014 I started my work in the birth Doula world. (You can hear ALL about it on The Queen Of Confidence Erika Cramer’s podcast HERE.) I went from desiring no children of my own, to having my first child, Ruby, and becoming obsessed with all things birth, motherhood, sexuality, women’s work, justice-for-all, personal growth, spirituality in rites of passage and the Doula world in general. Soon thereafter, I added a camera to my repertoire and became a published and awarded birth photographer. 


I am a birth & postpartum Doula, and have further developed my skills in a multitude of ways from additional Doula trainings to extensive leadership coaching and mentorship with Hayley Carr. I train & mentor a global legionnaire of Dynamo Doulas, and in this, have worked with nearly 45 leading industry professionals who not only teach my students – but, teach ME. Over time, my convictions turned to a sort of pristine clarity that allowed me to develop a series of offerings moving way beyond birth & postpartum. 

I am no longer taking on 1-1 client but if you are looking for a Dynamo Doula to rock your work, head on over to my Instagram page @the_angela_gallo under highlights titled, ‘Hire A Doula‘. The Dynamo Doula Directory page on this website will be complete in November. My Dynamo Doulas are scattered about the whole world, vetted, believed in and loved up in total trust that they will adore you in the ways I adore them.

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