My ‘style’ of coaching can be summed up into one word – confronting. My mission is to make your tongue tickle and your soul wet, your knuckles white and your palms sweaty. I exist to both terrify you, and turn you on. 

My mission is simple but it packs a punch. Live life as if it were a piece of your favourite chocolate melting about the roof of your mouth. Live life in an energy that would be and feel impossible in another dimension – as if the winning lottery numbers for the next 50 years were pressed and ready for the picking in your wallet. Live as though every where you went there lay a stage set up and waiting for you to steal the show.

I don’t fair well with people committed to their stagnation or stubbornly obsessed with hoarding what doesn’t serve them. My threshold for excuses is about 3 inches off the ground.There is an urgency for brilliant individuals to step up in their brilliance. And just like the universe…

If I didn’t make you uncomfortable – you wouldn’t move.

If you are looking for the online and distance coaching – those are below! Just click the link and venture into options.

I marry this kind of confronting with just the right amount of compassion, connection and comedy. What emerges is rocket speed self-actualisations & a version of you skilled to lead from the front of the page and be seen in the fullest expression of your potential.

As for the label on what I do? There is hardly one that encompasses it. The coaching industry is vast but I would like to confidently believe I have tapped into a niche of individuals looking for purpose, pleasure, play and total presence in every grand pursuit they apply themselves to. I work with badasses, take-no-shit, do not put me in a box, reclamation of the witch, powerhouse, visionary type, fashion conscious superheroes who have eyeballs that speak in dollar signs. I get turned on by the kind of people who look at the status quo and laugh maniacally at the face of systems that try and squash their mojo. I want to work with people who deep down within the well of their potential, recognise a undeniable desire to break all the rules and do it all in the best company. 

I live in Melbourne and have a few options available for working with me. Firstly, the group coaching experiences complete with hot seat and collective learning. You can find those HERE.  If you are in the market for one-on-one coaching where you are so close you can smell me, I can also make that happen for you. Before I can get you an accurate idea of numbers and how I can change your life – FILL THIS FORM IN HERE for me to look over.

Previous clients & students include Amberley Harris from Maternal Instincts who built a remarkable business on integrity and vision + recently raising over 30,000$ for a documentary raising awareness to poor breastfeeding rates and ties to this in cultures around the world; Amy McGlade multi award winning innovative powerhouse in the DNA Jewellery Keepsake industry, creatrix behind the BabyBee Hummingbird DNA & Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery Academy and pioneer of Embryo Ash Studios ™; Gabriella Rosie illustrating genius and purveyor of cosmic bitch brilliance; Dr. Danielle Arabena general practitioner, shamanic healer and the founder behind Witch School; Rachael Rose business strategist, fundraising guru and Doula supreme; Brooke Maree of the BabyWearing Empire; JoJo Hogan of Slow Postpartum – a movement bringing mothers back to their bodies and connected to the hearth of their postpartum experience; Rey Emniyet of Birth With Rey – bicultural Doula and hypnotherapist leading the charge in birth activism; and so many more. I have been mentoring and teaching across many industries for nearly a decade, specifically shifting my energy on babes with billion dollar visions, 350+ students around the world in my online programs, supporting a 60.6k following on Instagram with over 600,000 impressions per week, 500+ website views per day and a buzzing stratosphere that lives to inspire and educate.

I deliver razor sharp insight in 4 specific areas of free-style, intuitively led, ruthlessly, warm-like-my-hugs coaching.





I live in Melbourne, and should you take the leap into working with me in person – you will not regret it. My energy is palpable, contagious and inspirational. And I say this because I want you to understand you are walking into a force field that activates your potential and lights a spark to your passion. You can choose any type of my coaching offerings for the Melbourne Coaching Sessions. These coaching sessions are rad-tastic, poetic and taste like the palate of your purpose. There is no sugar coating here – only the kind of learning that is entirely immersive & transforming. We will meet in person, eat delicious food and brainstorm your next brilliant move (and sneak in a selfie!)

Visibility Coaching is all about lifting the veils of your invisibility cloak. Lifestyle Coaching is all about making big moves in your life and playing out of your existence like the most epic game of chess EVER. Leadership Coaching is all about becoming the Lion King in the grandiose circle of life, leading the pack with grace and making fire moves at the front lines. Doula Business Strategy is all about peeking on the inside of my brain and hearing what suggestions I have on how to ramp up the ride of your own Doula business. 

Are you struggling with low self-worth? Are you scared of being seen? Are you subconsciously super afraid of success? Is your ability to show up on the internet or in the business sphere a total shit show? Is your self-love in self-destruct mode? Are you burning capital on formulas and strategies that feel yuck on the inside? I can help you dismantle your fears, shame, awkwardness and the BS stories you keep telling yourself to stay small.

I’ve made a career out of taking up space – let me teach YOU everything I have learnt, too.

If you aren’t in Melbourne, you can nab any of the above coaching styles in an online video call format – all you’ve got to do is click through on the link below.


Looking for the Visibility For Visionaries Live Group Coaching or a one-off Social Media Slam Dunk Analysis?

Looking for long term leadership or visibility coaching? Email me to talk shop!

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