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Ahoy, Stoners: 5 Essential Acessories for a Better High

Did you know that 49% of American adults have tried marijuana before? Considering it’s becoming more socially acceptable, and people are recognizing its benefits, it’s no wonder why weed’s so popular. Not to mention, it’s also on the fast track to being legal in many states for recreational use!

If you’re new to the scene though, you might not have everything you need to get the best high. To help you out, here are 5 stoner accessories you need to have!

1. Grinder

One of the best stoner accessories to have is a grinder. Without one, you won’t be able to crush up your weed. And without crushing it up, you can’t get high!

There are some cheap grinders out there, so avoid those. You might want to spoil yourself with something like an ergonomic grinder instead. These won’t hurt your hands/wrists, and are designed with sharp blades that’ll cut your cannabis up right.

2. Lighter

You’ll need a trusty lighter if you want to toke up. But forget about those cheap gas station lighters. Instead, get yourself a fancy one.

When you’ve got a work of art, you can proudly display it in your room whenever you’re home.

3. Glass Pipe

If you don’t buy glass pipes, are you a stoner at all? Not only is it basically a trophy you can show off to your other stoner friends, but it’s also a great vessel if you want to get high but not waste your weed.

With a joint, it’s constantly burning, so in between puffs, you’re burning away bud. But with a glass pipe, you can get stoned and prolong your stash.

4. Smell-Proof Joint Case

Glass bongs aren’t practical for people who are always on the go. If this sounds like you, then joints can be more convenient. But if you’ve ever stuffed one in your bag before, you’ll know that it can stink to high heaven, even if you’ve bagged (or double-bagged!) it.

What you need is a smell-proof joint case, which is great if you’re looking for modern smoking accessories. Not only will this block out that skunky odor, but it’ll also keep your joints safe and uncrushed. You can even store small vapes in it if that’s what you prefer.

5. Odor Eliminator

A smell-proof case is all well and good, but what happens after you unzip it and light up? Anyone who walks in will be hit with that strong weed smell!

If you want to be courteous (and discreet), get yourself an odor eliminator. These solutions are specially formulated to break down cannabis molecules. When you’re done smoking, just spritz the area and no one will suspect a thing.

Add These Stoner Accessories to Your Collection

With these stoner accessories, you’ll look and feel like you’re an experienced weed smoker. With these products, you’ll be able to pull out your stash and get your smoke on, wherever and whenever!

Need more than just the stoner essentials? Then keep reading our blog page for more marijuana topics.


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