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Signs of a Sex Addict

Often considered a form of self-harming, sex addiction is one that can affect not only the addict themselves but also those around them. If you have been affected this way in the past, knowing the signs of a sex addict can help you to recognize it should it occur again. So, what are the signs …


4 Things Every First Time Parent Should Know

Have you recently welcomed a new member to your little family? Entering parenthood is an incredible experience incomparable to anything in life, but for a first-time parent, it’s also terrifying. Caring for a newborn means making huge lifestyle changes. Your baby crying is enough to start an internal panic, and you’ll wonder if you’re doing …

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Definition of Commercial Mortgages and Its Importance

Commercial mortgage refers to loans taken to finance a business. The property secures these loans. The lender can foreclose if the owner defaults. Commercial mortgages require a purpose entity to own the property. The entity is not typically an individual or a more significant business. Debt service coverage ratio The Debt Service Coverage Ratio, or …

Business & Finances

Filing Bankruptcy: Types and Alternatives You Could Use

Filing Bankruptcy is an option you may choose if you cannot keep up with your monthly debt payments. There are three types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Each has different requirements and procedures. It is crucial to stay current with legal developments to minimize delays and maintain your …

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DUI Education Program: Is It Important?

DUI education programs are designed to help offenders better understand the long-term and severe consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. The classes also teach offenders how to make better life choices. These programs are usually funded by the offender and are a prerequisite for re-entering the driving pool. Funded by Offenders Three types …

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Aircraft Riveting – How It Works

Aircraft rivets are used to assemble aircraft. They are much lighter than screws and withstand vibration better. Rivets expand to fill the hole, unlike screws, which are turned by a head and use threads to grip the metal. Because of this, they are the perfect option for aircraft assembly. Back Riveting Back riveting for aircraft …

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What Distinguishes Logistics From Transportation?

Transportation is a subset of logistics, which is the management of procedures for the inward and outward transportation of goods from their manufacturer to the end user. A good agent will provide various services, including packing and protecting the goods. A good agent can also estimate the value and size of the goods transported. Transportation …

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Significance of Road Signs: Are They Obeyed or Disregarded?

Road signs are essential in a variety of ways. For example, they help drivers know when pedestrians are crossing the street. They can also help drivers know where bike lanes and pedestrian crossings are on the main roads. Other typical guide signs include interstate and destination distance signs, mile markers, roadway junctions, and highway exits. …


Leveled Up Law: How Do Lawyers Negotiate Settlements?

It’s no secret that getting injured or living with a disability in the United States can send you into a spiral of debt. An estimated one in ten Americans is carrying some amount of medical debt, and millions owe more than $10,000 for necessary medical care. As a result, personal injury cases are on the …