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Have you been targeted at your place of business? Learn about employment discrimination, your rights, and how to approach it through this guide.
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What You Need to Know About Employment Discrimination

Did you know that there were almost two million cases of employment discrimination filed with the EEOC between 1997 and 2018? Although the United States has passed laws against employment discrimination and the culture continues to shift, it is still unavoidable in the workplace.  Have you ever experienced employment discrimination but do not know where …

Selling your house to a cash buyer is a quick and easy way to get your home off of your hands. Click here to learn more about this home-selling option.
Real Estate

4 Incredible Benefits of Selling Your House to a Cash Buyer

A cash buyer used to be like a unicorn in the real estate market. They were hard to find, but if you did manage to find one then the entire home-selling process would magically become a lot easier. Now, things have changed and it’s becoming possible for average sellers to find people offering cash. There are several …

Golf betting is becoming more popular. But what are your odds? And how do you even bet in the first place? Here's everything you need to know.
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Golf Betting: How to Bet, Your Odds, and More

Golf is a sport that requires a unique amount of skill compared to others. For example, people often find it much more difficult to sink a putt or develop a strong drive compared to shooting a free throw. If you like to make money from golf betting, there is certain information that you will need …

You may have read that PIP doesn't cover motorcycles, but this depends on where you live. Learn more about personal insurance protection (PIP) coverage here.
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PIP Coverage and Motorcycles: What You Need to Know

Sadly, 5,014 motorcyclists lost their lives in an accident while riding in 2019. In addition, thousands more suffered injuries in accidents. Like other vehicle accidents, auto insurance can cover these injuries and the medical expenses that come with treating them.  You may be familiar with PIP coverage for vehicles. What you may not know is that …

More and more businesses are starting to get involved in the marijuana industry. Here are 3 awesome cannabis business ideas you should pursue.
Business & Finances

3 Cannabis Business Ideas You Can Start Today

What’s better than dark chocolate? THC infused dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can stimulate your health, and when combined with cannabis, the experience can be ultra-soothing. Today, a lot of ganjapreneurs are taking advantage of the cannabis chocolate combo to introduce new products. As long as they use high-quality ingredients, the edibles are irresistible! If you’ve …

Negligence can be deadly, so it's important to have the right negligence lawyer working your case. Here's when to hire and what to ask a negligence lawyer.

When to Hire a Negligence Lawyer and What to Ask Before Hiring

It may seem like negligence doesn’t happen often. However, that’s hardly the case. When 250,000 deaths occur every year because of negligence, it’s something everyone needs to take seriously. Hiring a negligence lawyer is the last thing most people want to do. Keep reading to learn when it makes sense to do so and the …