I am super duper obsessed with queen fronted, feminist drenched, badass babe based businesses. I have made really conscious efforts to buy and support a wide variety of these same businesses because of said obsession. Every month I will be showcasing one of the people, products or companies I am crushing on and share my experiences with them in my new blog series, ‘Things I Love’.

Early last year, a friend recommended I scope out this range of undies created by Thinx self proclaimed Period/Anxiety/Patriarchy-Proof Underwear. (If you haven’t lurked their Instagram yet please do because they are amazingly sassy!)

Why was I recommended them?

Basically, after Odin’s birth incontinence was a real thing. Every single time I laughed, cried or moved too suddenly the flood gates opened. And gurl, the struggle was real. None of my shit house K-Mart granny panties were doing the trick plus I felt like a non-functional frump wearing them. I didn’t like wearing wee pads either because their bulk factor was super problematic for my skinny jeans. (Sexy skinny black jeans who saved my ass post partum!)

Anyway, I got turned onto Kejal, who was one of the queen bees behind ICON undies. We run in similar circles and she was like, ‘You need to try these undies ASAP, send me your address!’.

Can I just get a Kejal appreciation moment here? Besides saving my life with this revolutionary panties, she showed such patience and generosity when not 1 but TWO packages never made it to me.

Third time was totally a charm and when my package finally made it to me it was instant crotch crush connection. I am not shitting you when I say I have not touched nor worn my 32 other pairs of underwear since getting my ICON undies. I got about 13 pairs (a mix of the available styles) and have worn them on rotation for the last 72 days. The Hi-Waist and the Bikini are my favourite!

“Why are you so obsessed Angela?!”

They are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. No seams cutting into my jiggly (gorgeous) bits. No wedgies. No bulk. No odd material folding. Just super soft and cushy on my tushy. Totally true to size. They feel like gloves for my vagina.

They actually do what they claim to do. And even more. Not only are they pee proof but they have also covered me with period leaks over a dozen times. I can’t tell you how handy that was!

After having babies, the PH and general health of my vulva changed. I became allergic to 99% of every pair of panties I bought. (The pain in throwing out underwear that cost you a fortune to buy….) The reaction is hard to explain so I will leave it at this and spare you the gory detail – most underwear material made me smell & itch. ICON undies are the onllllllllllllllllly underwear I have bought and not thrown out because of their performance. Not only can I wear them without the above BUT I can run, sweat, have sex, get my period without a problem…they whisk away moisture and keep me feeling clean. No smells, no itch…it’s sorcery.

I know that my purchase supports a company whos ethos I genuinely love. ICON and THINX are doing amazing work in their respective fields (Like with the Fistula Foundation, every pair of Icon sold helps fund life-changing surgeries for women in developing countries!) and it feels good to know I am playing a small part in that.

The peeps behind ICON were sweet enough to give my readers a little something something – use code GALLO at checkout to nab 5$ off your purchase! Pick up a few pairs and let me know how they work for you!

Did you have any strange and inconvenient stuff happen down south, after having babies? Share your experiences with me below or by heading to my Instagram and Facebook pages.

The vulva vixen in me honors the vulva vixen in you,
Angela xxx

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