Feeling like a fish out of water in a big sea of birth workers?
Looking for a learning experience that will get you shining like the diamond you are, in no time at all?

I know something that will hit the spot like a cup of your mother’s famous chicken soup on a cold winter’s morning. A series of calls or in person meetings jam packed with your kind of honey. Their content entirely created around YOUR individual needs. The ultimate weapon for the Doula or Birth Photographer on a mission to better themselves personally and professionally.

My very limited…

seriously intimate…

mind bending…

life changing…

super radical mentoring packages.

Develop your unique style and stand out from the crowd

Learn to live authentically and own your voice

Get excited about growth

Understand different care models & providers

Build your very own website

Refine your brand and own your special sauce

Find confidence communicating

Have access to on-call support from me in the event you need help in the middle of a birth

Manage your social media platform with grace & strategy

Learn to manifest your dreams into reality

Help with choosing your tools or equipment

Learn the in's and out's of birth photography

Nail your branding, marketing and networking skills

Create streams of passive and active income

Smash through money blocks

Get comfortable shooting in low light

Be a part of an incredible community of like-minded professionals

Be inspired to live in your zone of genius and pursue your passions

Get access to my resources & contacts


So what can I offer you?


Work with me and you get it all, babe.


My time, my love, my pride & my very best effort.

My resources.

My contacts.

My tips and inside scoop on my bag of tricks.

Access to a private Facebook group created exclusively for those working side by side with me.

Accountability with daily and weekly check ins.


A safe place to debrief. A sincere ear for both your laughter and cries.

Ad space on my website.

A big ass discount into my business program.

And a good kick in the butt to keep you focused and enthusiastic.



You may be wondering…

“Do I need to be qualified as either a Doula or Birth Photographer to work with you?”

NO! That is the best part. You can start with zero knowledge or be a master at what you do. Either way, I have something unique to offer you. Remember the content is tailor created to suit what it is you know, what it is you don’t know and what it is you would love to find out. That being said, I strongly recommend having some sort of base training to make the most out of our time together. For example, your investment towards this experience would be much better spent on developing your particular needs or desires; as opposed to learning the stages of labor or other childbirth education (which is necessary learning but something that would be covered in formal training elsewhere). Having a great base means you can focus on more specific aspects of your personal & professional development. It is these specific aspects that will inspire the deepest transformations!

“Do you recommend a Doula Training Organisation?”

Yes, the only Doula training organisation I endorse is Doula Trainings International. They have the best easy to follow, super comprehensive course I have come across – available both online and in person. But what really caught my eye was their philosophy, ethos and unparalleled community support. Just a really amazing bunch of people who know their stuff, who encourage you to be curious and ambitious and successful…that was a massive turn on for me. In addition to core newbie training, they also have re-certification available for established Doulas who are looking to re-certify with a new organisation. I am currently doing this, called PATH2. If you were interested in the latter, feel free to use code WOMBWARRIORPATH2 for a significant discount off your training. Happy learning!

“I don’t think I have the time and I don’t think I can afford it.”

Listen here, love. Our biggest hurdle usually starts with us. Excuses hold us back in huge ways. If you want to be a Doula, if you want to be a Birth Photographer…you’ve got to make it happen. I can be here but you need to meet me half way. That means saying YES. That means investing in your business, investing in yourself. Making it loud and clear to the universe that you want this and you are going to do whatever you have to in order to make those dreams a reality. Start here. How bad do you want it? Make the time. Find the money. You’ve got this.

“Why are the bundles calculated by the hour?”

Call times can be purchased in intimate hourly bundles. Because time is of the essence – the more we have, the more we can make happen. Each bundle includes all of the above and you can split your calls into as many bite sized chunks as you like. There is no time limit to your mentor ship so you can take as little or as long as you like to complete it.

“Do I get any formal certification after completion of our time together?”

Although it is not technically considered to be of formal or registered certification, after working extensively with me, you are formerly indited as Womb Warrior Supreme,and heck – that’s gotta be worth it’s weight in gold. That being said, you do get an official badge that you can attach to your website or printed materials in recognition of your work AND a testimonial from me to use where ever you please.

“Who did you study with, Angela?”

I certified with Australian Doulas, trained with Childbirth International and am currently re-certifying with Doula Training International. I also attended an intensive birth photography workshop with Victoria Berekmeri, Australian Birth and Documentary Photographer of the Year. I am registered with the International Association of Birth Photographers and Australian Birth Photographers. I am forever investing in professional & personal development in order to be the best mother, human, Doula and Photographer I can possibly be. I also speak (almost!) 4 languages.

“Are payment plans available?”

Extended payment plans ARE AVAILABLE FOR ANY BUNDLE YOU CHOOSE. So that means there is absolutely no excuse not to invest in your future. Want to build the birth business of your dreams? Let’s get to it!

“Let’s do it. How can we lock it in?”

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