“Here I sit, three weeks’ post-partum, and every day during this time I have felt abundant in gratitude for having had Angela be a part of my birth team, re-living her words of encouragement and her exceedingly supportive presence; staring for hours in awe at the raw and utterly beautiful images she captured of my birth. Angela is supremely passionate about helping women and families embrace the power and the exquisiteness of the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I was so fortunate to have experienced a birth so full of love, respect, and positivity, and there is no doubt in my mind that Angela was an integral source of those elements. I will be forever grateful to her for that, and simply cannot recommend her enough to anyone seeking that support for their own birth. All my love forever to you, Angela.”

Meredith M.

Dedicated Member To The Following Organisations

So you are thinking about working with me? What wonderful news!

Whether you are looking for a professional Doula to help you create a fulfilling birth experience or want a birth photographer who can deliver on emotionally charged imagery, I have got a list of a-la-carte services that will have you jumping out of your seat for all the best oxytocin drenched vibrations.

I pride myself on bringing a unique level of cohesion and intimate connection to which ever birth space I have the privilege of being a part of. This work is of utmost importance to me and it would bring me such joy to share that with you!

I am based in Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula, Victoria; servicing home births, hospital births and birth centre births; Frankston, Melbourne Royal Women’s, Box Hill, Sandringham, Mitcham, Monash, Werribee Mercy Hospitals and more. You can find a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions HERE! For anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me.

“As the founder of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers I have seen many talented photographers through the years. Angela is amazing! She is incredibly talented, she’s driven and creative! Her clients are so lucky to have her, she’s one of the best that our industry has to offer!”

Lyndsay Stradtner

Founder, International Association Of Birth Photographers

“Angela has been an absolute blessing to our family. Having her as our Doula was one of the best decisions we have ever made in the birth of our baby boy. She inspired me, got me excited about birth and helped me prepare in ways I wouldn’t have thought to. With her help and support, the birth of my second child was entirely different to that of my first. I was incredibly empowered and had a bag full of tricks up my sleeve; making this birth a beautiful, gentle and welcoming one to our son. Not only was she an incredible Doula and support, but she took the most stunning images for us along the way. Her presence, knowledge and joy spreading personality are priceless and you won’t regret it – thank you Angela!”

M. T.

Birth Photography

Documenting the story of life and new beginnings is my passion – I take my role as Melbourne Birth Photographer so very seriously. It is my art and it is my heart. And regardless of what kind of birth, or what environment it takes place in, you can be sure of one thing – there is simply no energy more palpable, no fleeting moment more magical, no emotions more honest; than that of those in the realms of childbirth. I make it my personal mission to do honor your journey by providing a dynamic range of professional images you can share between generations.

Professional Doula Support

You’ve got the power, darling. Whatever you need…you’ve already got it in you. But the devil is in the details, so for everything else; you’ve got me. If given the privilege, I will happily be your birth bestie, compassionate coach, mega motivating, Doula fairy godmother extraordinaire. I make it my mission to inspire the people I work with to approach their individual experiences wholeheartedly & enthusiastically. You can expect us to spend extensive time together in pregnancy; getting to know one another, chatting and working through any concerns, fears or anxieties you or your partner may have. We also work on your birth preferences, harness the powers of positive mindset, as well as encourage your fierce and instinctual mama to come out & play. Even more so, you can expect us to do lots of laughing as we enjoy the beautiful ride from maiden to mother.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Ang and the services she provides. So kind, caring, professional, empowering, professional, and all around beautiful person! The photos she takes are stunning and something all women should invest in on this journey. She helps you take control of creating the birth experience you desire and supports and instills confidence in whatever path you choose to take! The placenta encapsulation is presented so beautifully and I feel they’ve helped me immensely in staying positive and having an amazing milk supply! I just want to thank her a million times over for helping to create such a beautiful first birth for me and my partner. We would have been lost without her.”


“Angela thank you forever more for our stunningly beautiful birth images. When we booked you to capture the birth of our gorgeous son Hamish, I had hoped that you would capture the emotion in our transition from husband and wife to Mother and Father and you didn’t disappoint! They say that one of the most defining moments in ones life is this transition into parenthood and having you capture this moment is priceless to us. Thank you also for the respect, love and care you showed not just me, but my husband and our birth team. Being on the more voluptuous side of the scale I was a little wary about who I chose to capture this moment, but the second we met I knew that if anyone would ensure I was captured respectfully and beautifully… it would be you.”


Maternity, Motherhood, Baby-wearing, Breastfeeding and Lifestyle Photography

Join me on location, as we play with natural light and genuine smiles. I am all about making you feel jaw droppingly special and connected to your tribe!  Let’s have some fun and create a selection of killer images you can share with your babies babies’. Each session includes your deluxe location rental, an entire handcrafted gallery available for download online plus gifted photo product.

‘Fresh 48’ Brand New Baby Photo Sessions

These sessions are PERFECT for those who can’t commit to birth photography for whatever reason but still want those new baby moments documented forever. I make my way to your home, hospital or birth center within 48 hours of your birth to capture your very first moments with your brand new baby.

“Angela has been so helpful and such a wonderful support throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our beautiful Ngaire, and during my recovery afterwards! The tips and tricks she has up her sleeve are really handy and has left me feeling amazing. I had a beautiful birth and discovered such an awesome powerful side to me that I didn’t even know existed before – Angela gave me the confidence to find that person.”


“Highly recommend Angela! This was all so new to me and she was so quick with the encapsulation – I was able to start taking them the day after the birth of our baby. I noticed such a huge difference when taking the placenta pills compared to my first pregnancy when I was unaware of the pills. If we have a third child, we will 100% be using Angela’s services again!”


Have a friend, family member or colleague you want to spoil rotten?

Baby showers, registries, pregnancy gifts, baby-moon surprises and birthdays – whatever the reason, whatever the season, one of my personalized gift certificates work a total treat. Choose your denomination and get your high-res graphic sent digitally or in print by snail mail along side a bag of vibrant, fresh flowers!

Thinking about having your placenta encapsulated

Considering the benefits, I don’t blame you! Let me have the honor of lovingly preparing your beautiful placenta. I encapsulate using the raw method, in order to preserve as much of the hormonal content as possible. Each ‘All The Trimmings’ encapsulation bundle comes with a placenta print, a digital image, a cord keepsake, a vial of placenta tincture, as well as pick up & delivery. The ‘No Frills’ package only includes encapsulation, pick up & delivery. Price depends on your location – inquire today.

Looking to use some of my images or written work in your publication?

I have some killer packages on offer that give you rights to a delicious selection of images. They’ll make you laugh. They’ll make you cry. One things for sure; they’ll have people talking! Available to purchase individually or in sets. Click here to get in touch.

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