Prior to having babies, I had absolutely no freaking idea just how much my body would change after childbirth.

In fact, I am currently sitting in a cafe cursing at my sacroiliac joint, lower back, coccyx and hip joints. Frustrated, I find a twisted comfort in the fact that one third (!!!) of all adult women who have been pregnant or given birth suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.

“At least I am not alone.”

If I am being honest, when it comes to my body after babies, the last few years have been interesting, to say the least.

Post-natal depression, loss of libido, pelvic floor pain, urinary incontinence; I suspect that if I knew this is what aging post baby-making felt like, I may have thought a little longer and a little harder about falling pregnant. Sure, the trade off was two freaking amazing babies but surely I couldn’t/can’t feel this way forever?

Earlier last year I wrote a blog post about my experiences with jade eggs and a nifty phone app I found called B-Wom. I saw so much improvement that arrogantly stopped using both thinking my problems were solved.

But just like those people who interrupt a course of prescribed antibiotics because they think they’ve gotten better, I realize I shouldn’t have done that.

None of us can afford to let our intimate health slide; I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way.

So when I heard B-Wom released an update with an in built coaching option, I felt it my sign from the universe to smarten up and get serious about my issues. Just like any healthy routine (food and exercise), it is necessary to stick to your habits in order to really benefit from a certain quality of life. Healthy routines relating to your pelvic floor are no exception. I know that personally, I need that accountability and kick up the butt – maybe the coaching option could be just that?

I know many of you are in the exact same scenario as I. This is a MASSIVE reason I consciously partnered with B-Wom. In fact, it was following the traumatic birth injuries of a mama I worked with that really prompted me to knuckle down in bringing this app to you more publicly. I downloaded the upgrade and was immediately stoked on what I found.

I wanted to give you a fair review of the application, chat about what it is about, what it does and how it has benefitted me. If it inspires one of you to improve the quality of your intimate health even just a little bit, it would make this post all the worth while.

How does the app work? Well firstly, it is available to both Android and Apple users around the world, in a number of languages. Once downloaded (for free, BTW) you are asked to create an account and answer a few questions that will help the software determine your specific needs and create a profile for you. From here, it creates an initial plan for you, for free. A set of 12 exercises that are set up so you perform one exercise a week for that specific plan. For example, one of my plans was for perineum care, another for urinary incontinence, another for strengthening my abdomen and another for bettering my sex life. Each week I was given a specific exercise for each of these. Once you complete the initial freebie plan you are offered a general subscription and/or the option to purchase the coach.

As I said before, I needed the accountability so opted for the coach this time around (on top of my regular plan). Yes, you pay extra for this but it literally costs a few dollars a month. A heck of a lot more discreet, affordable and convenient than finding an in person pro to help.

Once signed on to the coach option I was asked even more detailed questions which left me feeling really impressed. Think of it as a Siri for your vulva! I felt that with the information I provided, I was bound to get a fantastic tailor suited routine to compliment my existing plan. (It felt a lot more personal than the original plans I used). And yup, sure enough I did. The coach developed several weekly ‘good habit’ routines for me.

Week 1 – Habit -> Protect your pelvic floor
Objective -> Prevent urine leakage when you cough and strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent urine leakage
Week 2 – Habit -> Bladder training
Objective -> Stay in shape without damaging your pelvic floor and strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent urine leakage
Week 3 – Habit -> Bladder training (Repeat just stronger and with different muscles)
Objective -> Stay in shape without damaging your pelvic floor and strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent urine leakage
Week 4 – Habit -> Avoid nocturia (getting up at night to use the bathroom)
Objective -> Strengthen your pelvic floor to prevent urine leakage

Each day I was given a variety of kegel exercises that worked with the routine in question. On top of this, my coach prompted me every day with fun facts, questions and reminders to take notes in the notes section. (So good!)

To make the most of my daily exercises, it is critical to follow through with your regular plan, too.

Mine includes a brilliant mix of moves that has got my pelvic floor feeling like Mick Jagger!

Urine leakage prevention, preventing pressure in the vagina, having sex without discomfort, bettering my belly, caring for my perineal scar and more.

My favourite part? The juicy section on increasing my sexual pleasure. A separate plan that is chock a block with f*cking fabulous practices (hellllllo erotic massage) and techniques (can anyone say sexy hypopressives and sensory butterfly kegels?) This is the section that has got my full attention at the moment – totally not surprised if it gets yours, too.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, B-Wom have integrated a Blog section that I am crushing on. You get direct access on the app to articles like, ‘4 Ways To Avoid Stress and Maintain Hormonal Balance‘ and ‘Everything You Need To Know About Vaginal Prolapse‘.

These are exactly the kind of conversations we need to be having but unfortunately, many of us are too damn embarrassed or shy to get the resources and help we need. I really, truly think B-Wom is going to revolutionize self care for women in the post partum period and I am excited to see where they take this.

B-Wom was kind enough to give y’all a discount in exchange for me talk about my experience. Use code BWOMWW and that will grant you 25% off monthly subscriptions to the coach option. Seriously, just do it. Use the code and get better.

The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner.


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