Super soulful, extra focused – this is the heart of the program. Here you can find round the clock support from Angela and other students. Accountability, inspiration, kindness; welcome to the club!

Over 70 pages of amazing content proven to help you action every aspect of your birth business venture. It will have you jumping out of your chair with delight and madness as you discover your genius in the big birth world. Follow in your own time, at your own pace.

Set to both inspire, bring clarity to any questions you may have and kick your butt into gear! Expect lots of laughter, honesty and real time guidance you will benefit from.

Choosing a business name, branding, marketing, confidently communicating your worth, networking and collaboration, social media management, navigating the sensitive nature of this industry, contracts and more – I will be there with you every step of the way.

Why learn from me?

In the last year alone I have been featured in over 35 online & print publications, featured on radio stations and even American television. I ran my first crowdfunding campaign successfully to publish a photo book in 2018. I wrote a kickass book, ‘My No Bullshit, Back To Basics Guide On How To Birth Like A Boss’. My website was viewed hundreds of thousands of times and I grew my Instagram & Facebook following in impressively organic ways. I collaborated with a dozen different like minded businesses and raised thousands of dollars for organisations I admire. In 2016, I made 20x times MORE than my first year in business (and 6x more than my second year!) AND, I launched Heart & Hustle – my signature business course geared to birth workers.

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