Let’s be honest – are you a newly certified Doula and have no f*cking clue how to run your own business?

Ready to build the birth biz of your dreams?

Sick of not making any money while doing the work you love the most?
Ready to get far, FAR away from the curse of the hobby job?
Wishing your family & friends took your career seriously?

Now’s your time to shine, babe!

Here’s your hot ticket to a 14 week Doula business course created specifically for Doulas, Birth Photographers, Midwives and people like YOU.

Well and truly one of its kind – Heart & Hustle is paving the way for passionate birth professionals looking to elevate their presence & push forward their respective fields.

No magic formulas, no get-rich-quick recipes, no pipe dreams…
Just 100% authenticity, unadulterated intent and fiery drive to take you from A – Z.

Are you totally clueless about necessary areas of your biz, like social media marketing & branding?
Did you assume all you needed were a few business cards, a logo and your personal Facebook page to start a business?
Overwhelmed with the ins and outs?

Did you just formally certify and have no idea how to get your feet off the ground?
Feeling isolated and craving a community of kick-ass, kind hearted professionals who wants to see you succeed?

I get it because I was totally in that same place, too.

So, what the heck is Heart & Hustle?

that is created specifically for people who are looking to make money doing something they love, without having to sell their soul to do it. A one of a kind learning experience that forges purpose and profit. Yup – you CAN serve women wholeheartedly while making the money you deserve!

How does it work?

H&H is an independant, go at your own pace, online program. Once you’ve signed up & made your payment, you get 14 weeks of interactive content released to you via 7 sections of one beautiful workbook. On top of the explosive written content, you gain immediate access to my exclusive Facebook group created especially to inspire connection & collaboration with all paying participants. I am very much an active participant of the group, facilitating and checking in daily; keeping tabs on your progress & answering whatever questions you might have. A members only video area gets you access to dozens of vids where I go into great detail about topics relevant to working with women, babies and their families.

With birth workers, burn out is very common and turn over rates are borderline outrageous. The vast majority of newly accredited professionals fall off the radar in less than a year. And I guess the question we should be asking is – Why?

Because so many are left high and dry after training, treading water because they lack the business savvy to propel their new careers to success. Most rely on only their passions to carry them through but the truth is that without that business knowledge, it becomes incredibly difficult to create a profitable, sustainable business model.

Clueless about… Search Engine optimization? Blogging? Building a functional website that makes an impression? Confidently communicating your worth? Finding your ideal market and turning them into a paying client? Using your social media platforms to properly connect to your people? Advertising? These are all aspects of modern business that every successful maternal or perinatal professional need to have a firm grasp on.

This is where Heart & Hustle comes in and knocks your oxytocin soaked socks off!

Entering the birth industry as a childbirth educator, I thought I had it all with my fancy qualifications and years of teaching experience. I got some business cards made up, handed them out to local businesses expecting bookings to come in and what did I get- NOTHING! I quickly realised that I had NO IDEA how to run a business.
When the Heart & Hustle opportunity came up, I grabbed it- after all I had nothing to lose.
Angela has challenged me to dig deep within myself. I have realised who I actually am as a person, exactly what my purpose and vision is for my business and precisely the type of clients I am wanting to service- combine this with constant tips and advice on every aspect of how to run a business, I’ve really got everything I need. The Heart & Hustle group is a beautiful mastermind of ladybosses who keep me motivated and accountable- bring me up when I feel down and celebrate all my achievements no matter how big or small. I’ve got it all, the rest is up to me.

Jade Corrales

Childbirth Educator - Melbourne, VIC, Demystifying Birth Childbirth Education

Why learn from me?

In the last year alone I have been featured in over 35 online & print publications, featured on radio stations and even American television. I ran my first crowdfunding campaign successfully to publish a photo book in 2018. I wrote a kickass book, ‘My No Bullshit, Back To Basics Guide On How To Birth Like A Boss’. My website was viewed hundreds of thousands of times and I grew my Instagram & Facebook following in impressively organic ways. I collaborated with a dozen different like minded businesses and raised thousands of dollars for organisations I admire. In 2016, I made 20x times MORE than my first year in business (and 6x more than my second year!) AND, I launched Heart & Hustle – my signature business course geared to birth workers.

If you work with women, babies and their families at some stage in pregnancy, birth or the post-natal period AND you are feeling lost/frustrated/confused about all things setting up a birth business…
If you’ve got all the qualifications & skills but can’t seem to book any paying clients….
If you are looking for a tribe of like minded people to motivate, inspire and support you…
If you are terrified of change, look at money as the enemy, afraid of being vulnerable, steer clear of being your most authentic self and feel like a fraud… then I want to work with YOU, babe.

Heart & Hustle is NOT the program for you if you are…

For any reason, not in the position to invest time, effort, energy and money into your business at this moment in time.
Unable to self start or self motivate.
Are easily turned off by positivity and pressure.
Are not ready to SHOW UP for yourself and for your business – no excuses.

Over 1784$ of content for...


One Installment of



Save 161$ by paying in full!

Over 1784$ of content for...


12 Monthly Installments of



Heart & Hustle is so much more than just a online Mentorship course. Once my Doula training had finished I really didn’t have the business savvy to take my passions to the next level and turn them into a sustainable business . Heart & Hustle has changed all that and more! I now have THE clarity and focus on what I want for my business and have gained the tools and knowledge to present my business in an authentic way that doesn’t feel like a pre- rehearsed sales pitch. If you are a heart fueled entrepreneur wanting to make your birth, pregnancy and motherhood passions your lifes’ work than Heart & Hustle is where its at . .

Jasmine Huymans

Doula - Perth, WA, Intrepid Birth

What kind of juicy bits can you expect in Heart + Hustle?

Lifetime access to my exclusive, super interactive Facebook group

A Place of meaningful connection, accountability and collaboration.

14 weeks of dynamic, engaging content

in both the FB group and your inbox. Free to complete at your own pace, in your own time around whatever previous engagements you may have.

Over 70 pages of amazing content proven to help you action every aspect of your birth business venture

It will have you jumping out of your chair with delight and madness as you discover your genius in the big birth world.

Super detailed worksheets and mega engaging prompts

to get you digging real deep as you create a business that leaves you feeling fulfilled and profitable.

Unwavering support & guidance to get you from A-Z

confidently & enthusiastically. Choosing a business name, branding, marketing, building confidence in communication, navigating the sensitive nature of this industry and more – I have got you covered, babe!

Hot tips, tools, tricks and effective strategies

you can start putting into action as soon as you’re ready.Together we will hash out what needs to get done and make a plan to help you make it happen! The perfect accountability tool and an integral part of this mentorship.

Access to a members only video area

to both inspire, bring clarity to any questions you may have and kick your butt into gear! Expect lots of laughter, honesty and warm internet hugs.

BIG discounts on my in person workshops, retreats and classes

Online is AWESOME but in person is where the real party is at. Being a Heart & Hustle mentor means getting first dibs on tickets at any of my speaking events & classes PLUS a big discount. Heck yeah!

Plus, a TON of encouragement and positive juju coming straight from me and the other women in our group. Not only will you be surrounded by like minded people to lift you up, but you will be benefiting massively from an incredible collective of wisdom & experience.

Every revolution calls for change agents and leaders to be able to stand up to use their voice as well as encouraging the voice of others. To protect and guide people to realizing there own talents and allowing them to strengthen themselves by guiding them to skills rather than merely teaching them. In this birth revolution Angela is a true leader and guide. Giving the voice to the voiceless. Giving power to women with the ability of choice. After registering for Heart and Hustle I knew I was in for a ride but I didn’t know what ride I was getting ready to go on. She has allowed me to find the best within myself through the art of self actualization. Without having to “teach me”. Giving me options to see my full potential as not only a doula but a birth advocate uniting with birthworkers around the world to band together collectively for one voice in a safe space.

Iman Newsome

Doula & Photographer - Washington, DC, Iman Newsome

Over 1784$ of content for...


One Installment of



Save 161$ by paying in full!

Over 1784$ of content for...


12 Monthly Installments of



My heart has always been in the right place, it was never my passion that was the problem. I needed the tools to be my own boss and a powerhouse in my field. Angela literally gave me the tools, she felt my passion from half way around the world. Being a part of this mentorship is so much more then taking an online class; it’s joining a worldwide group of ladies as committed to bettering birth practices for women around the globe. It is an awe inspiring collective with a huge heart and endless support.

Rachel Snyder

Photographer - Powell River, BC, RS Image & Design

P.S Still not convinced? Head on over to the Audio Archives and listen to one of the webinars. If that still doesn’t motivate you, shoot me an email with any questions you may have!

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Sick of not making any money while doing the work you love the most?

Ready to get far, FAR away from the curse of the hobby job?Wishing your family & friends took your career seriously?

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