Angela is an incredibly charismatic, caring and heartfelt birthworker with so much to offer. She so clearly loves what she does and is passionate about serving women and families. Angela has a beautiful ability to make you feel at ease comfortable and like youve been friends forever, while challenging you and your thinking at the same time. This is a rare skill that makes her services unique and sought after. Heart and Hustle in particular has been personally poignant in helping me push past a number of business blocks, to challenge me, to force me to be clear about my goals, and to be part of a community that keeps me accountable. Well done Angela for starting something so needed in this community to keep Birth workers from hopefully becoming another statistic of burnout, but instead thrive and be able to keep serving the way we want to.

Katherine Eden Lech

Nourished Collective

If you have recently certified or accredited in your respective field, you can probably attest to the fact that there ain’t nothing straightforward about choosing, crafting and creating the trifecta of a great business name (business name + location/role + tagline/slogan). It really takes guts to own your birth biz – and the glory part starts here!

Your birth business name has the potential to get you seen and recognized, just as it has the potential to deflect clients far, far away from booking you.

Not sure where to start? Here are a couple of hot tips to point you in the right direction…

+ Consider using your own name as your business name. Taking ownership of your business and of your brand starts here. It is original and when combined with a tagline or slogan, makes you easier to find. Not keen on your own name? Create an alias of a different version of your own.

+ Include a tagline or slogan. Your tagline should tie your business name and offer together in a really eloquent way that speaks volumes to your visitor.

+ Brainstorm a list of words and ideas that you feel accurately reflect your vision and message. Bust out the thesaurus if you have to. Crack your own code with some killer language. Inject your energy into the mix and make sure that the name you choose truly is am embodiment of you and your offer. Remember you want people who read your business name & tagline to feel intrigued, enticed and connected to you. What sort of words will achieve that desired result?

+ Have you previously worked with any clients? If so, touch base with them and ask them to provide 5 words they feel best describe their experience with you. Did they enjoy working with you? Why? How did you make them feel? What did you do for them? This is such a wonderful, reaffirming exercise that almost always provides the inspiration we need to creating the ultimate business name & tagline.

+ Research other businesses in your market. Worldwide, baby. I want you to Google your face off here. Triple check your ideas and make darn sure you check if they are already being used. Anywhere. Check business name registries, Facebook and other popular social media platforms too. In many cities, using the same business names is illegal so please be aware of your local copyright & trademark laws before being lazy and using something that’s already been done. In addition to this, it is super confusing for clients to sift through exact replicas of business names when trying to choose a professional service or product.

+ Include rich keywords that tell people who you are and what you do. As much as I want you to be original, it’s critical to include a few keywords that at the minimum, let people know where you are and what you do. (I.E Birth Doula, Dallas Pregnancy Services, Melbourne Birth Photographer) By creating a keyword rich name will make it easier for Google to rank you and for people to find you.

+ You want your business name to work seamlessly with your tagline, logo, message and overall branding. Conflicting business names and branding are a no-no. Cohesion and consistency is both sexy and professional!

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