“I maintained my edge by always being a student; you will always have something new to learn.”
– Jackie Joyner Kersee

In 2014 I made the decision to become a Doula. At the time, I knew very little about training organisations and chose my study path based entirely on the only locally available in person workshop. If you listen to any one of my webinars, you will often here me say how disconnected I felt from that particular community. (It was actually quite frustrating but I did manage to use those feelings to motivate me to create something that would connect & inspire women way past their original training.)

Following receiving my certification, I made every effort to expand on what I learnt. I have always been an eager sponge and it was critical for me to live my passions to the fullest and be the best birth professional I could possibly be. I knew that the best way to do that was with a variety of experience and continous professional development. This is how my journey with Doula Trainings International came to be!

It all started when mid way through last year I made the decision that I wanted to recertify with a new Doula training organisation. You may be wondering, ‘But Angela, if you already had your qualification, why bother getting them again?’ And you know what, that is a pretty fair question. But my answer is even fairer – being the best Doula we can possibly be and serving women & their families in the most compassionate and comprehensive way, does not happen by hindering our willingness to learn. I knew deep in my heart that I wanted to keep learning, but to find the perfect place for me to learn was a bit more of a challenge.

With dozens (if not hundreds!) of Doula training organisations around the globe, I had to refine my search parameters if I was going to find the Doula community of my dreams. As a busy mother and business owner, this list of my non-negotiables will give you some insight on what I was looking for.

– Super engaging, jam-packed-with-goodness, easy to listen to and easy to digest course content available online for me to follow whenever I had the time.

– In person workshops available in the event I wanted to attend one.

– Modern, inclusive, maternal/infant/reproductive/human rights focused, heart centric at the core.

– Supportive of go getter gregarious business types like me (you wouldn’t believe how many training org’s were eliminated with this one!).

– A genuinely amazing community of like minded individuals available in a busy Facebook forum. (With so many divisive & preachy Doula groups – this was so so so important.)

– Opportunity for growth (possibly teaching or being involved in some larger capacity in the long term).

– Excellent price points and payment plans.

– And the most important – finding a training org that was in line with my philosophies as a human and as a birth worker.

Would I ever find one? Did anything like this exist? Was I being too picky? I often doubted I would find anything that would fit the bill.

And then one day…BOOM. Out of The sky I fell onto this…

I came upon DTI’s Instagram and lurked really, really hard for a few months. What struck me was their involvement and commitment to varying types of people in different places, as well as their unapologetic views of maternal care. Their tone was fierce but soft, and it really resonated with my own Doula style.

I finally decided to stop crushing from a distance and write to Tara and Gina (founders and general bad-ass, big hearted babes behind DTI!). From here, we went back and forth on Doula Training Internationals offerings. It felt organic to enroll in their Path2 program; re-certification course for established and previously certified Doulas. This specific program would not only enable me to brush up on my general knowledge as a Doula (with a ton of awesome videos and workbook content) but also get me access to mentorship calls, option to purchase other Learning Labs relevant to my needs, initiation and guidance through our Slow Doula Method™ and the SDM approach and access to their expert affiliate video program in Advanced Doula Trainings covering topics such as Advanced Business Development, Bereavement and Loss, Birth Advocacy, Comfort Measures, Navigating Induction and much more.

The program itself cost 1197$ for their online Path2 option and has been worth every single penny. I am currently 35% complete and the stand out points for me right now have been flexibility, affordability and genuinely amazing content. I am learning again and I love it. My clients are getting a better version of me, and that in itself is worth it’s weight in gold.

The course is super easy to follow with a brilliantly functional member/students area. You log in and simply follow the prompts that guide you through. Easy peezy world class training at the click of a button. Most welcoming are the videos – super pleasant and straight to the point. To be honest, the course has fit in perfectly to the wild rhythm of my life so really can’t fault it. I know alot of the trainings I looked into required you to do tideous tasks, read a million books and hand in 3 essays a week. Although this might be your learning style, it sure as hell isn’t mine. It’s been so refreshing to buy an online course and actually follow through with it!

If you are contemplating joining the DTI community – stop thinking. Just do it. To sweeten the pot, Doula Trainings International has offered my readers an exclusive promo code when signing up to their re-certification Path2 program. (Freaking awesome, right?!) Just head on over to their registration page and use code WOMBWARRIORPATH2 at checkout. And after you do that, I would love you to leave a comment below and let me know how your own Doula learning journey is going!

To being the best you and delivering the most impact,
Ange xx

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