Anna’s rebirth : Birthing after trauma in true intuitive womb warrior fashion.



img_8141Today’s Doula Diaries Submission comes from Doula Trish from Shellharbour, NSW. You can find her at This is an absolutely powerful account of Anna’s rebirth, following a deeply traumatizing birth. Truly amazing how resilient one’s heart can be, and how determined we can be when pursuing the birth of our dreams – the birth we deserve.


In the beginning I didn’t realise what impact becoming Anna’s Doula
would have on me as a Doula but even deeper than that as a Woman.
I am so honoured to share Anna’s birth story with an open heart. Her
story is such an inspiration to any Mamma wanting to positively
influence her birth story.
Birth Matters, our Birth stories matter, we are ALL Goddesses,
Nurturers, Warriors and Sisters and when we share our Birth stories
magic happens, the divine feminine is awakened within us.
And in celebration of this journey we call Motherhood, I offer Anna’s
Birth Story – The birth of Findlay.

Blessings and Love
Doula Trish


Anna’s Rebirth (As told by Anna!)

“It is impossible for me to tell my 2nd birth story without telling my first. They go
hand in hand as my first birth experience, I realise now, was essential, in order for
me to experience the second. So, to my beautiful daughter Charlotte, I thankyou,
for all that your birth has taught me, given me and enabled me to achieve, you are
forever my teacher. I love you.

My first birth with my daughter, was traumatic. Physically, mentally, emotionally.
In every sense. I was dismissed, I wasn’t listened to. I didn’t feel safe or held. I
had begged, screamed and swore but I was not heard. I was cut and stitched badly
and I was lied to.

My wonderful husband did everything he could but once we were in the cogs of the
great medical machine, there was little he could do.

My pregnancy had been beautiful – I had loved every minute of it, finally being in
love with my body as I watched it slowly grow and blossom, relishing every kick I
felt and dreaming of the day I was going to meet the bubba that so regularly could
be felt hiccupping inside of me.

I wrote my birth plan; a water birth, with no pain relief, attended the NCT classes,
took the tour of the hospital, impressed with all the equipment they had to
facilitate a natural birth, birthing balls, beautifully lit pools, amazing Swedish
designed equipment where you could birth in any position that felt right, and
midwives who appeared to really support this. I was nervous, of course, as all the
women were as we walked around the birthing rooms but I was confident, even
when we entered the labour suite and they talked us through all the interventions
and scenarios, I just vowed in my head that I wouldn’t go there.

However nothing can really prepare you for your first birth can it? You never can
know how you are going to respond when you start feeling the intensity of the
contractions building. I was so excited when I realised labour was starting and I
decided not to wake my husband for a couple of hours, while I relished in the
sensations and the thought that my baby was coming earthside but the excitement
slowly turned to apprehension.

I had always had it in my head that I would have a fast birth, as my mother and
grandmother had both experienced quick deliveries, and so as the time between
contractions shortened, I became more anxious to get to the hospital and after
projectile vomiting my fruit smoothie all over the bathroom, we decided it was

At hospital and we were greeted by the midwife. I had my first internal and it was
discovered that I was 4cm dilated which I was really pleased about. However the
first warning bell rang when, after asking to use the birthing pools, the midwife
stated that she would just find out where they were! We found out later that she
had not attended a birth at this hospital for many years and actually had not
attended any birth for a couple of years and that day she was in for her
compulsory update. I realise now that we should have turned around at that point
and demanded another midwife, because already I didn’t feel safe under her care.

If we look at nature, we can see many examples of how mammals will delay birth
or even re-absorb their foetus, if they do not feel safe (Gazelles in the Serengeti
can actually delay their birth to up to 2 weeks if necessary and if after this time,
the rains have not arrived, they will re-absorb their foetus as they know there will
be a shortage of food in the coming year) but this understanding of how our
physiology works, has been near forgotten in the western medical world, but can
explain so many examples of labours that are classed as ‘failure to progress.’ We
did not feel safe.

From the moment that our midwife said this, I had no confidence in her or her
ability to support us, and although I was able to further dilate, when I reached
transition the panic set in. I demanded another midwife, but this was ignored. I
was told to push, but baby was stuck against an anterior lip of my cervix, causing
internal and external swelling as well as nerve damage to my pelvic floor and
bladder. Eventually after over 2 hours of pushing against my cervix, they called in
the doctor. They realised that baby was posterior and stuck and then offered me
an epidural so they could manually turn her. I begged for more time and so we
tried other positions but she didn’t turn. So I had no choice but to have the
epidural, At that point I just broke down in tears. Tears of exhaustion, tears of
pain, of desperation, of grief of the dream that I had held of the way I was going
to meet my baby, and tears from the sense of losing complete control.

As the epidural started to work and I could no longer feel the contractions, I lost
connection with my body and the process. I could see when the contractions were
happening on the monitor but I couldn’t feel a thing. It felt like it was no longer
my birth, this was something happening to me. They tried to manually turn her
and when this also failed, I was moved into theatre, given a top up of epidural,
and then an episiotomy and forceps were used to pull her out. I can remember the
sense of them tugging and pulling, I can remember asking them to delay chord
clamping, (which they ignored) I can remember them taking her away from me to
be checked and screaming at my husband to ‘stay with her’, ‘keep touching her’
and then panicking when I couldn’t hear her. At last they bought her to me and lay
her on my chest. My beautiful daughter, battered and bruised but just divinely
beautiful was here.

It took months to heal physically but the wonders and pressures of new
motherhood meant that I did not take the time to heal emotionally. I buried it as
deep as I could so that I could be the mum I needed to be for my daughter.
Fast forward nearly 2 years and I found myself pregnant again, in another
continent, walking into a hospital for my first midwife appointment, and bursting
into tears. All the emotions, all the pain, the disappointment, the fears all came
flooding back. I cancelled my appointment and walked straight back out again. I
couldn’t do it. The hospital, the smell, the clinical environment, the anonymity of
the system all felt so wrong and agitated every cell in my body so I drove back
home and phoned my husband, who was away for work, and told him that this time
was going to be different. I didn’t know how and I didn’t know in what way, but
this time I was taking control. I was never going to be made to feel like I did with
my daughter.

So now started my quest for that something different. Here I was in a completely
different country, I knew hardly anyone and had absolutely no idea of how the
birthing system worked here, but I had Google and Facebook. I discovered that
there was such a thing as a private midwife (something I had never heard of in the
UK) and so I started contacting them all. But everyone I managed to speak with,
was already booked up ( I was already 15 weeks pregnant) and I started to get a bit
panicked. I researched the nearby hospitals to see whether any of them offered a
different service, tried to get on the MGP program, only to be told that there was
a waiting list of over 10 women and so really no chance of that either.

Eventually we found a Birth Maia (un-registered midwife) who agreed to meet us.
Technically she was fully booked also but she agreed that she would consider us if I
also hired a Doula, so that there was some form of back up should she already be
attending another birth.

The moment we sat down with her to discuss what we wanted we knew she was
exactly what we were looking for. She had been a midwife for 30 years, she
believed 100% in a womans ability to birth naturally, she wasn’t afraid of a fight if
required, and yet she was so incredibly gentle, nurturing and was able to set our
minds at ease immediately with inappropriate jokes and wonderful laughter. We
signed her up there and then. She recommended a Doula and again, the moment I
spoke with her on the phone, I knew that we had our team.

As my pregnancy progressed, many emotions, fears and anxieties were brought to
the surface. Not just for me but for my husband too. In fact he probably held as
much fear and trauma as I did from our first birth, as he had actually witnessed it.

He had seen the blood, had heard my screams, had not been allowed into theatre
for 30minutes and seen the faces of the surgical team when things were not going
to plan. He heard the lies and was fully aware throughout (unlike me). So we had a
lot of talking, healing to do before we could both fully embrace the prospect of a
homebirth. We signed up for a Hypnobirthing course, we watched beautiful
empowered births, I had kinesiology sessions to clear the trauma I held physically
and emotionally, and we chatted and we chatted some more and we cherished our
visits with our midwife and doula.

For us, the biggest thing that made this preparation for birth so different, was the
fact that we were in control. At one point I had an obstetrician (who I had never
met) call me at home and basically say to me that I was risking my life by having a
homebirth and my GP then sent me a letter to state that she could no longer be
my GP because of the concerns the obstetrician had. I discussed this with my
midwife (who knew my whole history), I found a magnificent GP, we ensured that
all scenarios were discussed and plans were made, and we carried on. It was so
empowering to be involved in every decision. At no point did my midwife give me
ultimatums, she taught us to always use the B.R.A.I.N acronym when trying to make a
decision and talked through every possible eventuality, giving us the decision at every

My pregnancy continued without any concerns and through my midwife we had
been introduced to a number of her other clients in the area and so we had
already built up incredible support network.

The morning of my due date arrived. I was feeling pretty good, well as good as you
can when you are 40 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old to run after! Baby had
been 2/5 engaged for a couple of weeks and I felt that we didnt have long to wait.
I was due to have an appointment with my midwife that afternoon but she
contacted me at 10am to say that she was attending to another birth (my gorgeous
friend Naomi) and so wouldn’t be able to make it. I told her that I didn’t think
baby was far away and so she said if she got a chance she would pop over quickly.
At about 2pm I got a call to say that Naomi was resting and she had 30 minutes to
pop over, so she came and was happy to report that baby was still only 2/5
engaged and seemed pretty happy in there.

I carried on with the day and later started to prepare dinner for the family, give
my daughter a bath, and put her to bed. I had noticed that from 4pm I had been
having Braxton Hicks and they hadn’t stopped and seemed very regular, so after
Charlotte was asleep I asked Nathan to time them. They were 10 minutes apart. I
could still talk through them and there was relatively little discomfort. However
within another 20 minutes they were down to 7 minutes and def building in
intensity. We decided to text Trish and Sheila to warn them that baby was on its
way that night and to also see how Naomi was getting on with her labour. Sheila
immediately texted back to inform us that Naomi had only just given birth and her
placenta was also birthed and BAM that’s when my contractions really started.
They went from 7 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart and then down to 1 minute
apart within 30 minutes. Nathan was desperately trying to fill the pool, with a
hose and buckets, Trish had jumped in the car and was on her way as was Sheila. I
quietly prepared my altar and room; stop regularly for the contractions which
were now incredibly intense but I felt calm and ready. There was no panic (from
me) no doubt in my mind, just a certainty that my baby was going to be born
tonight at home.

By the time Trish and Sheila arrived at 8.50pm the contractions were almost
continuous. They immediately helped me undress and got me in the pool – ahhh
the relief, I had forgotten how blissful the warm water on my skin was, how it
made my muscles instantly relax, and how supported I felt in the cosy, dark room.

Trish stayed with me and Nathan and was incredible at guiding me in my breathing,
keeping me connected and present, calming me, while Sheila grabbed a quick bowl
of soup for sustenance (she had been with Naomi since early that morning).

Then I started to feel babys head bearing down, the intensity, the stretching, the
feeling of being opened like never before, was beyond words. I had never
experienced anything like it but I wouldn’t call it pain, it went beyond that, it was
deeper than that. More soul based than pain, but wow was it intense. Each time I
felt I couldn’t bear any more, we surged and reached another level, baby and body
working together, separate of all conscious thought or control, I felt all I could do
was hold on and try to breathe my way through it. Trish guiding me throughout
while Sheila jumped into the pool to try and stop baby coming quite so fast.

And then he crowned…….

And I remember screaming at Sheila to stop moving the baby, but she wasn’t.
Babies, once they crown, if left to their own devices, will start to turn to enable
the shoulders to be birthed, and that was exactly what he was doing, but that was
just a whole new level of intensity…..and I remember waiting and both Sheila and
Trish just calming telling me to wait, wait until he is ready, until your body is
ready…. And then there was one final push and he was born. My beautiful baby boy
was born in the Caul, into water, 35 minutes after Trish and Sheila arrived at

My daughter had been woken by my final scream and came in to the
room, just as he was lifted out of the water and into my arms….
And that is where he stayed for the next hour… in my arms, as we sat in the water.
He had his first breastfeed as we sat there in complete calm, the room still dark
and deliciously warm and it wasn’t until I had to birth my placenta and stand up
that the chord was clamped and cut and he was passed to Nathan to hold. There
was no rush to weigh him or check him. We had already gently counted his fingers
and toes and fallen in love but there was no rush to do anything. I was gently
helped out of the pool and into the shower and then wrapped up in my pyjamas
and dressing gown and slowly helped to walk down the hall into our living room
where I was made tea and toast and we all just sat, looking in complete
amazement at our son.

I had just had the birth of my dreams.

Footnote: 3 years on I look back at this and can see the pivotal moment that this truly
was. Findlays birth and the preparation I undertook to enable me to have this birth, truly
changed my life. It changed my perspective on birth and what it should be and can be. It
introduced me to some incredible women who have changed the way I view so many things
due to what they stand for and the work they do. I was introduced to Trish, my doula, who
has remained a beautiful friend and I was introduced to kinesiology, which I am now
trained in and it set me on my lifes path: To help other women and children to heal from
birth trauma and prepare for birth, so that we can re-connect with and learn to truth our
bodies innate ability to birth and our own true power.


4 Surprisingly Effective Childbirth Natural Pain Relief Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About That Actually Work

Childbirth is one heck of a marathon effort. An effort that feels Herculean on the best of days. And whilst rocking our births like the rock star goddesses we are (duh!) over the last 200, 000 years, – it’s clear that one can never have too many good old fashioned tricks for coping with the intensity of contractions in child birth. Although every woman will labor entirely differently and each one of us will cope with our surges in different ways, there is no harm in having an arsenal full of tools to use, should you need them. Of course, the purpose of labor is to have a baby and it is vital to remember that avoiding pain at all costs should not be your main priority. It is pain with purpose and that perspective can make all the difference when it comes to crunch time.

Click bait or not, the following suggestions come tried, tested and true from the juiciest wombs pulsating across the horizons of this planet.

1. High Pressure Shower Heads

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have most probably heard or seen the rise of women birthing in water. No surprise at all, since warm water is incredibly effective at easing pain relief. Kind of like when you have a killer head ache or period pain and you soak in a hot tub, the same goes for labor pains! On top of this, the water helps make you buoyant, thus creating a sense of weightlessness and taking off pressure from your lower back, legs and uterus. But what you most probably don’t hear discussed as often, is the use of a high pressure shower head in labor. Sheesh, you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on mama. Traditionally, hydrotherapy is the use of water as treatment for conditions, injuries or paralysis. Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues to enhance a person’s health or well-being. Acupuncture (or acupressure) is the application of pressure on specific points of the body to target pain relief, relaxation and well-being. If we bring all of those same principles and combine them with the high pressure function of the shower head we get one Chuck Norris style roundhouse that packs some serious punch in alleviating whatever discomfort you may be feeling. Because most hospitals or birth centers have ancient shower heads (and pretty awful water pressure!), I do recommend you pick up an updated head from your local hardware store and install it as soon as you can. Did I mention installation is straightforward and simple? Having it handy will keep you laboring in the comfort of your home for longer (avoiding premature arrival to hospital, unnecessary intervention or induction, etc.) with the option of hopping into the shower whenever you need the extra help & relief.

High Pressure Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head

2. Water-proof Bullet Vibrators

Authors Ann Douglas and John R. Sussman penned a fantastic book titled, ‘The Unofficial Guide To Having A Baby‘. (If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do!) In it, they explore the use of clitoral stimulation and orgasm as a means of pain relief in labor. According to their writings, one orgasm is thought to be 22 times as relaxing as the use of a tranquilizer AND arousal widens the vagina by up to 2″. Orgasmic birth expert Debra Pascali Bonaro agrees it is a great alternative to medicated pain relief and so do I. So besides being an obviously handy tool (pun intended), a mini vibrator gives you a discreet, reliable source of stimulation to use when ever you need a gentle analgesic to alleviate the pain. Additionally, a vibrator will target sensory loaded areas of the clitoris, vulva and cervix – pleasure points that release oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’ that also prompts contractions, milk let down, etc.) to help encourage your body to function optimally in labor. Self-stimulation also helps you to focus and re-direct your energy on something other than your surges, while giving you an opportunity to turn pain into pleasure. Although this hot tip may sound a bit foreign to the many of us who have been taught that sexuality does not have a place in childbirth, you would be surprised at how effective this natural pain relief method is if we just give it a chance.

Waterproof Bullet Size Vibrator

Waterproof Bullet Size Vibrator

3. Aromatherapy using Essential Oils

We all have our favorite smells. Smells that evoke the strongest nostalgia, smells that spark the most vivid memories. Smells that transport us to a place we have never been. Smells that put smiles on our faces. Smells that remind us of our favorite person. Smells that inspire a whole range of emotions. This is exactly what aromatherapy is all about. Using the powerful highly concentrated oils of plants & herbs; they are smelt, tasted or applied to the skin in order to absorb the benefit of that particular oil or blend. For example, one oil may trigger a message that gets wired to your brain that might promote a heightened sense of well-being and happiness. One oil may have a warming affect when applied, encouraging healthy circulation and vitality. When added to the bath, one oil may help to drastically aid in relaxing after bouts of insomnia or anxiety. When it comes to pregnancy and labor, there are dozens of epic oils you can use to compliment your routine, needs or desires. Clary sage, rose, lavender, frankincense, neroli, sweet orange – whatever you choose to use, you can expect a variety of benefits such as easing muscle tension, finding calm contractions, easing nausea, encouraging more effective contractions and inspiring confidence in a laboring mama who is full of self doubt. Combining the powers of touch with essential oils, massage is my favorite way to reap the joys of this complimentary therapy in labor.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

4. Singing Bowls

Ok, hear me out because this one might sound a tad airy fairy BUT it works! Singing bowls are a type of bell, a standing bell. “Rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, singing bowls sit with the bottom surface resting, and the rim vibrates to produce sound characterized by a fundamental frequency (first harmonic) and usually two audible harmonic overtones (second and third harmonic).” They are used worldwide for meditation, relaxation and for other well-being purposes. I suggest Youtubing some examples to get a full grasp of the power of this sound. You can hire a number of individuals who know how to use them brilliantly. Many women who use them in childbirth cite out of body feelings, more productive contractions, higher pain threshold, a feeling of connection to themselves and to their baby, feeling more relaxed and in tune and more. A really magical sound that roots you and taps you into a really special place. Soundbirth has a great program available to all laboring mamas you should def check out.

Singing bowls with SoundBirth

Singing bowls with SoundBirth

Have you tried any of the above? What was your experience like? Share your story below or through Facebook & Instagram.

The in’s and out’s of labour – Why the outward journey is just as important as the inward journey when it comes to mapping your birth story.


In the last few years I have been privy to some deep conversations with a wide array of perinatal professionals. I have read more inspiring (and educational!) birth books than I can count and joined groups where I have been able to tap into the knowledge of 1000 of the best Doulas & Midwives I have ever come across. My journey has only just begun and I am particularly grateful because they cumulatively continue to gift me with fresh perspective and a ton of relevant information or resources that I can then take back to my own business.

And seeing as I am in the business of being the best Doula I can possibly be, I take my learning experiences very seriously. Especially the kind that come directly from working with different kinds of people from different walks of life, from all corners of this globe.

I have got to be honest though.

Sometimes what I see and feel first hand conflicts with the information I am given by the most brilliant birth educators on this planet.

Sometimes I walk away from my reading material thinking, ‘This is all good in theory but…’

More recently I had a conversation with a Midwife I am obsessed with, Alison Bastien. Super intelligent and insightful, she has had (and continues to have) a long and meaningful career supporting women in birth. I read one of her works and we got to talking about birth workers in general, and how she feared that although many birth support people have the right intentions, they also had the potential to completely derail women from the major milestones of their inward journey. (Their inward journey being the emotional, spiritual and physical landmarks that a pregnant or labouring woman makes as she journeys into motherhood.) She discusses how in modern birth culture, we don’t put nearly as much emphasis on the inward journey, even though ‘the new territory a new being must navigate to come into the world is you, via your body‘. And gosh, it makes sense. Especially considering how disconnected many women are from their own bodies & souls as they navigate their birth journey exclusively using outer journey landmarks (like what pram to buy, what nappies to use, epidurals or inductions, water birth, vaginal or Cesarean).

I get it, I do. But here is the problem.

The same problem I find in about every single ‘This is all good in theory…’ advice I have ever come across in the birth world (No matter how good it is!).

You can do ALL the soul searching you want…

You can do all the best yoga, practice all the best meditation and mindfulness….

You can nail the best coping techniques….

You can take all of the best childbirth education classes…

You can connect to your body, harness all the powers of every single birthing goddess who came before you and tune into that amazing instinct…

You can be the best & most positive version of yourself..

but if you are choosing a care model or care provider who’s values are not aligned with yours; if you aren’t asking questions; if you aren’t able to confidently communicate your desires or needs; if you aren’t prepared to negotiate the best care for you and your baby; if you aren’t in the loop with your hospital’s protocols, policies and statistics; if you don’t understand the procedures; if you aren’t aware of the risks & benefits of every single level of induction, intervention & form of pain relief; and if you don’t understand that ultimately the people on staff, the day that you birth, their personalities, their beliefs, their baggage, will undoubtedly affect YOUR experience…

you are setting yourself up to be dissapointed, mama.

This is not about being paranoid, being cynical or being a diva – it is about knowing that the inward & outward journey are just as important as the other. And that planning around the outer milestones is a crucial part of the process because failure to do so can truly derail you in some dramatic ways. I believe preparing accordingly pays off big time in creating a birth experience that feels most fulfilling to YOU.

Every single woman and every single family will be living and entirely different set of emotions and circumstances – that I am aware. For some the inward journey will prove more important, while more others the outward does. Ultimately, for anyone it is about the balance of both worlds. I see it over and over again – women with the best intentions, preparing for all of the inward stuff like nourishing your body & soul, only to become a victim of the system they did not take time to understand.

We need to be telling women the truth. An understanding that attaining the birth you want is hard work, and that modern birth culture demands that all milestones of both the inward and outward birth journey be proactively addressed.

How about you? Did you place more importance on one or the other in pregnancy? How did that affect your birth experience? Leave a comment below!

Angela Gallo
Melbourne Doula, Birth Photographer and Birth Business Mentor






Hypnobirthing Home Birth Redemption in Hobart

Today’s Doula Diaries submission comes from the wonderful Jes Jackson at Itty Bitty Photography in Tasmania. A great tale of how one mama in Hobart used Hypnobirthing and patience to achieve her dream birth!




The moment I met Sarah I knew that she was going to change my concept of birth entirely and that together we were going to be a force to be reckoned with in changing the face of birth in Hobart.

Sarah is a trained psychologist and Hypnobirth Practitioner, I initially contacted her to network, to learn more about what it was she did and to see if she would be happy to exchange brochures for us to share with clients. I didn’t realize Sarah her self was about 30 weeks pregnant. We clicked instantly and before our second meeting I was booked in to photograph her birth!

During our meeting Sarah told me the birth story of her first baby. During that pregnancy she had hoped and prepared to have a home birth. After a long, hard labour Sarah was stuck in the second stage and finding it difficult to make progress. The decision was made to transfer to the hospital for assistance with the delivery.

Sarah expressed to me how this time around she wanted to be able to give birth in the water at home. She had been working really hard to visualize and focus on that moment, learning to really trust in her body and and regularly practiced Hypnobirthing Australia Techniques that she teaches to her clients.

We kept in regular contact until her delivery day. Sarah was 41 weeks and was growing tired of waiting, I remember her saying she thought her baby might never come out, and I joked with her that clearly she had made a very comfy home in her womb for her baby.

It was a Saturday, at about 7 am when I got the first message to say that things had been happening through the night but there was no need to rush, because they were anticipating a long labour like the first.

I had a full day of mini sessions booked in, and I was unsure whether to attempt to get through them or to reschedule them now in case I was to be called out. Sarah was about an hour drive from my home so I needed to have some time up my sleeve.

A couple of hours later she messaged to say labour had stalled, but her midwife still thought it would happen today and they were going to go for a walk and get some rest in.

I decided to get through the morning sessions, And together with my clients made the decision to reschedule the afternoon ones. Good thing I did as I got the next message from Andrew (Sarah’s husband) at 3:30. Calmly he said, “Things are progressing nicely, if you would like to make your way out here when you can.” Thankfully I was packed and ready to go, I jumped straight into the car and made the drive over the river.

My instincts told me that things were going to happen a lot quicker then they had anticipated. I actually went to bed that Friday night thinking, “Saturday is going to be the BIRTH day.” Usually I get this feeling with my clients the night before. I always make sure my hair is washed and straightened when that feeling comes on as I know ill be called away at any moment! Of course there had to be a car broken down on the bridge which delayed traffic slightly, but I made it… Just…

As I arrived the second midwife arrived too, I knew that meant we were getting close to delivery.


itty-bitty-birth-photography-6I entered the room ever so quietly, doing my very best not to drop my lens cap or run into the couch. (I have a tendency to embarrass myself by drawing attention unintentionally!) There was beautiful soft music playing and a gorgeous aroma burning that filled the room. Sarah was in the birth pool, her midwife gently pouring water over her back. She was on all fours with her elbows up over the birth pool (which caused her a lot of pain and a very dead arm for some weeks to follow). Her husband Andrew was softly whispering positive hypnobirthing affirmations in her ear.

She rode through each surge so peacefully and calmly, that it was hard to believe she was actually in labour. In one moment she breathed her baby down and reached down to touch her babies head. A grin extended from ear to ear, as if to say, “I am totally doing this!”.

Sarah kept breathing, and the anticipation and excitement filled the room. A smile on everyone’s face, pride beaming from us all. We knew how much this was going to mean to her.

A few short moments later Sarah was catching her baby, in the water with her darling midwife and loving husband by her side…just as she had hoped and dreamed about.

It was truly beautiful and appeared effortless. Hiding behind my camera, tears streamed down my face. I had only known Sarah for a short time but I just couldn’t help be so proud and thrilled for her. I got a true sense of Sarah’s sense of accomplishment.

This moment, I will never forget and it gives me goose bumps every time I look at her images…

“I did it.”

She cried with so much joy, love. strength and courage. Power written all over her face.

She birthed her baby beautifully and it was an absolute honor to be there and capture this moment for her!




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