I don’t often blog about the births of my clients but when I do…

Welcome to the world, Kalesia.

On the eve of May 17, I was lucky enough to watch the wild becoming of Sasha as she went from maiden to mother. With the complete and total support of her devoted partner, Sasha danced her baby into the world with a power that left me speechless.

Kiaran, her partner, describes the experience beautifully.

A lioness, atop a crimson alter,
Wild, open, creation all about her
Carnal conduit, ethereal,
Stargate- portal, cosmic- surreal
Moving with each wave, in exaltation
Ancient gateways spring forth, soul incarnation.
In this sacred space.
Her every move, an expression of
divine grace.
Every breathe, expansion, infinitely-connected
To bring our star-seeds’ soul safe passage.

And boy, does his eloquent choice of words do the moment justice.

I have seen many truly physiological births but to see one so unhindered and so primal has given me renewed conviction in my beliefs.

A belief that each woman is uniquely incredible and amazingly capable of pushing beyond the limits imposed by our minds & the systems we have in place.

A belief that intuition and instinct are remarkable sources of wisdom should we allow them the opportunity to function in their full power.

A belief that every human being should have the right to choose the type of birth that feels right for them.

A belief that, should they desire to, every woman have the opportunity to birth without the presence of prying eyes, bright lights, interventions, stress or trauma.

I believe that women are strong; real strong. And I am kinda addicted to watching the moment they realize it for themselves.

Labor was spontaneous with a small show of mucous plug loss. A short 6 hours in length, each ounce of energy spent was used with reason; each second of pain or pleasure had purpose. I have never seen a birth so rich in ecstasy. Both hormones and love came together ferociously, binding both Sasha and her partner in a trance like state of connection.

Sasha exhibited animal like signs; self cleaning, smelling, pacing, roaring – I cried and watched in awe because in the deepest parts of me I couldn’t shake the feeling that this is exactly how nature intended birth to be and yet it was so seldom seen.

I cried because the women who wanted this type of birth couldn’t always have it.
And I cried because I was so happy that Sasha and Kiaran could experience it for themselves.

Kalesia was born between a rush of surges and smiles across her mother’s face. Deep, sultry breaths and lots of self stimulation (and coconut butter!) really helped to keep the perineum soft and stretchy.

In a few quick moments, she joined us earthside, en caul. Sasha & Kieran instinctively cleared her face and airways and held her close. Being an experienced midwife/nurse and paramedic, they felt very confident managing labor on their own should they birth at home – and they did an unbelievable job of it. When two educated, consenting adults have faith in the birth process and their bodies; it is a true sight to see.

Kalesia was born from a place of power, of knowing and of love. I could see that imprinted on her delicate skin the moment I saw her. Her eyes, looking up at mum & dad as if to say,

“We did it. We did this. Together.”

Angela Gallo
Melbourne Doula & Birth Photographer
Birth Business Coach and Teacher

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