I can’t tell you how many obliviously passionate people message me every day to ask me how I became a Doula. Really gorgeous, kind, enthusiastic individuals who think that passion is all they’ll need to make themselves in this line of work.

I have had to fight the urge to contact every Doula Training Organisation I know to protest how vulnerable and under resourced they are leaving their students.

The reality is that right now, dozens (if not hundreds!) of bad-ass, big hearted babes are enrolling into Doula training organisations without any idea of what having a business in the birth world actually entails.

At this very moment – we are not doing our work any favours by treating it as disrespectfully as do. Midwives, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Birth Photographers and more – being left in the lurch, burning the candle at both ends because currently the running theme for birth workers is ‘martyrdom’.

But why?

And why is it so difficult for people, professionals and the organisations involved that the way we are training our students and treating our students isn’t appropriate.

Most have no idea how to start a Facebook page, how to create a functional website that converts, how to blog with intent, what the heck ‘branding’ means, what marketing strategies are required and how wildly disheartening it is to navigate a world of jealous, competitive Doulas.

I certified in 2014 and quit almost quickly as I started.

I couldn’t believe how under prepared I felt to actually be a Doula and run the business of my dreams.

I wish it was all sunshine and daisies, but the truth is, it has never been and never will be just sunshine and daisies. I intentionally cultivated this career with years of persistence and determination to elevate the word Doula while simultaneously working to lower the crushing rate of burn out and quit rates in the first year of business for birth workers worldwide.

What were the top 5 things I wish ANY training organisation told me about before taking my money?

1. That if you are a mum, you cannot operate a business without adequate and reliable childcare available around the clock. It isn’t fair on you, your clients or your children to be a Doula without childcare.

2. That starting a Doula business, much like any business, requires a necessary investment of funds to set the foundation for your venture. You need money to run your Doula business.

3. That divisive conversation and competitive energy is rife in Doula communities. Having a like minded tribe that supports you unconditionally isn’t a luxury – it is a necessity. No Doula can survive the trauma, problematic and political nature of modern childbirth without the right individuals to hold her up with love.

4. That becoming a Doula for fun is disrespectful to the thousands of women and people who are dedicating their lives to this line of work. Becoming a Doula for the sake of the thrill is insulting to the sacred act of birthing itself. We are not here to be spectators to a sport or pass the time with a hobby that incites an adrenaline rush. This calling is real and it deserves to be treated accordingly.

5. That it is very rare for Doulas to have long lasting careers. That it is very rare for Doulas to make a living doing this work. That this work is not for the faint of hearted. That making this line of work, work for you, takes guts.

and a little bonus for you…

6. That doing your best work is impossible if you aren’t charging enough money for what you do. Not charging anything or enough for your services impacts YOU, your colleagues AND the families you serve. Doing your best work starts with valuing YOUR work, above all.

I love this work – with all of my heart – and I have found fulfilling success at the hands of it.

But not without the clever incorporation of modern business strategy and an unwillingness to become another Doula drop out.

Ask yourself…

How many Doulas do you actually know who have turned this work into a career?

How many Doulas do you know are making a full time wage from birth work?

How many Doulas do you know are treating this work like a passion project hobby job?

How many Doulas do you know who are misrepresenting our industry and providing clients with a subpar standard of work? Like not showing up to births when called or being disrespectful in the birth space?

How many Doulas do you know are operating without a website and complaining of not booking any clients?

I know folks who fit into each one of those statements seamlessly.

I want more for Doulas.

I want more for the birthing families hiring Doulas.

I want more for me.

I want more for you.

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Angela xx
Melbourne Doula, Melbourne Birth Photographer

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